Each year we organise a large theme specific international conference and in certain years a preceding small research student conference. 

Previous CiCea International Conferences have had the following themes and been held in:

2018 "Citizenship & Identity in a 'Post-Truth' World" held in Warsaw Poland 

2017 "Reaffirming Citizenship Education in an Uncertain World" held in Bruges/Brugges Belgium

2016 "Education, Citizenship and Social Justice: Innovation Practices and Research"  held in Madrid Spain

2015 "Identity in Times of Crisis, Globalization and Diversity: Practice and Research Trends" held in Corinth Greece

2014 "Innovative Research Trends in Citizenship Education and Identity" held in Olsztyn Poland

2013 "Identities and citizenship education: Controversy, crisis and challenges" held in Lisbon Portugal

2012 "Creating Communities: Local, National and Global" held in York, England

2011 held in Dublin, Ireland

2010 held in Barcelona, Spain

2009 held in Malmö, Sweden

2008 held in Istanbul, Turkey

2007 held in Montpelier, France

2006 held in Riga, Latvia

2005 held Ljubljana, Slovenia

2004 held in Krakow, Poland

2003 held in Braga, Portugal

2002 held in Budapest, Hungary

2001 held in Bruges, Belgium

2000 held in Athens, Greece

1999 held in London, England