New Book by by Paula Cowan and Past President Henry Maitles

Holocaust Education - Paula Cowan & Henry Maitles - BOOK COVER ...... Paula Cowan is Senior Lecturer in Education, University of the West of Scotland

Henry Maitles is Professor of Education,
University of the West of Scotland

(Both Paula and Henry are long standing CiCea members and involved in the Jean Monnet network)


The book has been deemed essential reading for student teachers and recently qualified primary and secondary teachers, especially those with a specific responsibility for history, citizenship and religious education, and museum educators.

The Holocaust is a controversial and difficult teaching topic that needs to be approached sensitively and with an awareness of the complex and emotive issues involved. This book offers pragmatic pedagogical and classroom-based guidance for teachers on how to intelligently teach Holocaust education in a meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Key coverage includes:

  • Practical approaches and useful resources for teaching in schools
  • Holocaust education and citizenship
  • Holocaust remembrance as an educational opportunity
  • How to explore the topic of antisemitism in the classroom
  • International perspectives on Holocaust education


Praise for the book:

'This book makes a significant contribution to the development of education for a better world.'

- Ian Davies, Professor of Education, University of York


'This book gives a closely argued analysis of the nature of the Holocaust, and why it is so important that young people continue to study it, react to it, learn from it – it is a work of theory that critically informs our ideas of the purposes of education.'

- Alistair Ross, Jean Monnet Professor of Citizenship Education in Europe.



Institutional Member News - 2016

The University of the West of Scotland is hosting on the 13-16th of October 2016 the International Conference on Youth Futures "Insisting on the Indispensable".  The Keynote Speaker is Professor Henry A. Giroux who will be speaking on "Disposable Futures: The War on Youth in the Age of Spectacle".  Mark your calendars!

International Conference on Youth Futures - University of the West of Scotland [13-16 Oct 2016]



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Newsletters - 2013

An electronic version of the 25th, 26th and the dual 27th-28th CiCea Newsletters have been emailed to all members. Association newsletters 25 and 26 were electronically published to the CiCea website. The 29th CiCea Newsletter is presently being compiled and will be electronically posted in early Fall 2013.


July 2013

CitizED Conference Representation, Hiroshima University, Japan 2013This year's CitizED conference took place in Tokyo, on 13-15 July, 2013 and was organized by the Hiroshima University in Japan. The conference’s theme was East and West in Citizenship Education: Encounters in Education for Diversity and Democracy. This theme was attractive to an international audience, including a delegates from both CiCe and CiCea. In the photo we see the chair of the conference, Prof. Norio Ikeno and four CiCea members: Marjanca Kuscer (Slovenia) Nilüfer Pembecioğlu (Turkey), Susana Gonçalves (Portugal) and Riita Korhonen (Finland). Riita gave a keynote lecture and the other colleagues presented their research in conference sessions.


June 2013

The spring meeting of the Executive meeting of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees was held in Lisbon prior to our Annual Conference.


Successful Annual General Assembly meeting held

Highlighted by several announcements, our Annual General Assembly meeting was held on June 14th in Lisbon. We announced the re-confirmation of Susana Gonçalves as Secretary General through September 2017.


Ian Davies' Outstanding Achievement Award 2012Also on the agenda was the announcement of the Annual CiCea Outstanding Achievement Award which went to Ian Davies for his commitment as editor of the association’s journal Citizenship Teaching and Learning, and for his internationally recognized good work in the field of citizenship education.


CiCea Conference Attendees Lisbon 2013The Annual Executive Report was presented, proposed and seconded as was the Treasurer's Report. The "Executive Proposed and Approved Activities for 2013 were also outlined and approved. These activities focus on increasing the fundamental and applied research visibility of the Association. Among the activities was the establishment of a peer-reviewed online publication under the aegis of CiCea and to be located on the Association webpage, to which members can submit papers to be published.



February 2013

Ayr Meeting, February 2013, University of the West of Scotland

The winter meeting of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees was held in Ayr, Scotland at the University of the West of Scotland.

Among the agenda issues were: A research grant for 2014-2015 was discussed and agreed upon. It was agreed that next year’s Outstanding achievement award will be selected using a survey of the members.

The rebranding of the Association was discussed, including changing the name to broaden its remit and in particular its disciplinary focus. The possibility of printing a number of postcards using Susana Gonçalves' photos was discussed and it was agreed to produce a pack for sale at the conference that can be used as pedagogical tools for secondary students and undergraduates. The copyright and profit of the sales have been donated to CiCeA.

Past News [Through Jan. 2013]

Newsletters - 2012 and the 1st in 2013

An electronic version of the 24th CiCea Newsletter (November - December 2012) was emailed to all members in January 2013.  Association newsletters #20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 were published and emailed to all members. The 25th CiCea Newsletter is presently being compiled and will be electronically posted in early February.

October 2012

Patras Autumn Exec MeetingThe original meeting site was changed due to scheduling problems. Therefore, the autumn Executive Committee/ Board of Directors Charity Trustees meeting was held in Patras Greece and hosted by the University of Patras. Among the topics discussed was the Research grant and a decision reached at the meeting was that the next call for the Research Grant will highlight that the grant's funding is only available for a set time. Also discussed was the issue of individual subscript rates with a view to reducing the number of bands and to be further discussed at a future meeting; improvements to the Association website and its Marketing Strategy.  

May 2012

The spring meeting of the Executive meeting of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees was held in York prior to our Annual Conference.  This was the last meeting as a member of the Board for Christine Roland-Lévy, who after many years was stepping down. Sincere thanks were extended to her for her contributions to the Association.

Successful Annual General Assembly meeting held

Highlighted by several announcements, our Annual General Assembly meeting was held on May 25th in York. We announced the confirmation/election results for Chris Gifford's confirmation as our Treasurer and Henry Maitles as our incoming President-elect.  

NL21_dFinalAlso on the agenda was the announcement of the Annual CiCea Best Publication Award which went to: Andrew Mycock from the University of Huddersfield for his publication with his co-author Jonathan Tonge entitled "A Big Idea for the Big Society? The Advent of National Citizen Service", published in The Political Quarterly, 82(1): 56-66.


Panagiota 'Titi' Papoulia-Tzelepi (Professor Emeritus of the University of Patras) was named this years recipient of the Annual CiCea Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of her efforts on behalf of not only the Association but her dedication to supporting the precepts of children's rights, identity and citizenship.  

AGAThe Annual Executive Report was presented, proposed and seconded as was the Treasurer's Report. A CiCea Marketing Strategy Proposal was presented.  Finally the "Executive Proposed and Approved Activities for 2012 were outlined.  These activities focus on increasing the fundamental and applied research visibility of the Association.  Among the activities was the establishment of a peer-reviewed online publication under the aegis of CiCea and to be located on the Association webpage, to which members can submit papers to be published. 

February-March-April-May 2012

Elections were held for President. The person elected will serve a 6 year tiered term in office from October 2012 through to September 2018; 2 years as President-elect, 2 years as President and a final 2 year term in office as Past-President. Nominations opened in February, 2012. Nominations closed the 30th of March, 2012. Having completed the verification of submitted candidates' eligibility, electronic ballots were sent to individual and institutional members and votes were tabulated. The election results were announced at the Annual General Assembly meeting in May 2012 at York, with Henry Maitles accruing 91.6% of the valid ballots; Henry is our incoming President-elect. His term in the Presidency will run until September 30, 2018, 2 years as President-elect, 2 as President and 2 as Past President.

Past News [Through Jan. 2012]

January 2012 

The winter meeting of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees was held in London in late January 2012.

Confirmation of Nomination of new CiCea Treasurer 

After meeting and discussing potential individuals for the position of CiCea Treasurer, the Executive/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees nominated Christopher Gifford for he position.  Chris was elected to the Executive/Board/Charity and took office on October 1, 2011.  His nomination for the position of Treasurer was announced to the membership via email and an electronic virtual confirmation was initiated as had been decided at the AGA meeting in Dublin (June 2011).  The balloting was completed in 2011 and the confirmation of Chris Gifford to the post of treasurer was completed in early 2012. Chris was approved by 92.9% of the institutional members and by 89.7% of the individual members. His term in the Office of the Treasurer will run until September 30, 2016.

Newsletters - 2011 and 1st in 2012

An electronic version of the nineteenth CiCea Newsletter (January - February 2012) was emailed to all members early in February 2012. Association newsletters # 16, 17 and 18 were published and emailed to all members in early August, October and December 2011 respectively.

October 2011

The original meeting venue was set for Vienna but venue scheduling made it necessary to change sites.  Thus, the autumn Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees meeting was once again held in Berlin.  Among the decisions reached at the meeting was the name of the person nominated for confirmation of Association Treasurer, Christopher Gifford, with electronic membership confirmation to follow.  Another decision was the restructuring of institutional rates into three bands 60, 250 and 480€  effective immediately whereas the individual rate restructuring is to take effect for 2012-2013 membership subscriptions.  These will be in four bands: 30, 50, 80 and 100€ dependent on salary.

June 2011

The summer Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustees meeting was held in Paris.  This was the last meeting as a member of the Board for Riitta Korhonen and Anne-Marie Van den Dries.  They were genuinely thanked for all their hard work on behalf of the Association.

Among the matters discussed was the nomination of a candidate for the position of Association Treasurer to replace Anne-Marie Van den Dries.  Several names were put forth and discussed.  The virtual election/confirmation was decided to take place after the next Executive Committee meeting. 

Successful Annual General Assembly meeting held

The Blue Bicycles of DCUThe Associations Annual General Assembly meeting was held in Dublin Ireland on June 10, 2011. The Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustee election results were announced: Three hundred and twenty-two votes were cast.  The three positions were filled by Marta Fulop, who was re-elected to the post of Scientific and Publications Officer and Christopher (Chris) Gifford and Beata Krywosz-Rynkiewicz who were elected to fill the other two positions on the Board of Directors/Charity Trustees.

Among the decisions taken at the meeting was the restructuring of membership fees to cover the cost of the Association journal, with no institutional membership being set at less than 60€. Among the activities approved included a) extending and developing the Association’s membership from other fields of research, b) defining different activities in  order to increase the fundamental & applied research visibility of the Association, c) surveying the membership on the types of specific research activities they  conduct  and/or are involved in related to the Association’s missions and d) promoting the establishment of regional and/or national CiCea affiliates and to  support the regional Citizenship Education conferences.

The Outstanding Publication Award 2010 was announced.  The awardee's were Maria Erikkson and Elisabet Näsman (University of Uppsala, Sweden) for their paper entitled ‘Interviews with Children Exposed to Violence’ (2010). Children & Society. doi: 10.1111/j.1099‐0860.2010.00322.x  While the first award for the Outstanding Contribution for the Association’s development and positive visibility was awarded to Alistair Ross (UK).

It was also decided a virtual meeting/confirmation would be held in the fall to fill the position of Association Treasurer becoming vacant at the end of Anne-Marie van den Dries term in office (September 30, 2011).    

Executive Committee/Board of Directors/Charity Trustee elections

Elections were held to elect three (3) members to the Executive for the period October 2011 - September 30th, 2014.
Nominations opened on February 28th 2011. Nomination papers were attached for all members. If they wished to stand for office needed to

* be a member of the Association by February 28th
* be proposed by two members of the Association who have joined by February 28th
* complete a Nomination paper
* provide a one-page statement to be circulated to all CiCea members

Nominations closed on March 31st 2011, and candidates who had met these requirements were included in the voting papers. Voting papers and candidates’ statements were sent electronically to all CiCea Members (Institutional Contacts and Individual Members) on April 11th. Members voted electronically on the papers provided. Voting closed on May 9th 2011. The outcome of the election were announced at the CiCe Association Annual General Assembly in Dublin in June 2011.

Further election application process information was available on the CiCea Website.

Research Grant 

The research grant award 2010 was awarded jointly to Ulla Lundgren (Sweden),  Georges Cappelle (Belgium), and Gary Crippin (Turkey) for a study entitled ‘Collaborative Learning Around the World Regarding Global Citizenship Education: Possibilities and Prospects for Practice and Research through Web--‐ Based Social Networking’.


An electronic version of the thirteenth CiCea Newsletter (January - February 2011) was emailed to all members early in February 2011. 

October 2010

The Board of Directors/Charity Trustees held their autumn meeting in Berlin.  This was the first meeting for which Julie Spinthourakis served as President of the Association and Christine Roland-Levy as Past-President.  

September 2010

Nanny Hartsmar at the University of Patras CiCea Research Centre  

Nanny Hartsmar of  Malmö University made use of the University of Patras CiCea Research Centre when she came to Greece for a research and teaching Erasmus mobility. She interviewed faculty and post-graduate students. 


June 2010

The Board of Director's/Charity Trustees held their June 17th-18th meeting in Warsaw.  This was the last meeting Alistair Ross served as Past-President.  At the meeting the Outstanding Publication Awards rules and regulations were discussed and voted upon.  

Successful Annual General Meeting - May 2010

The Association's Annual Meeting in Barcelona on May 22nd received the Executive's proposals for new Association activities next year. These include the possibility of research travel grants to help members move about Europe, and annual awards for the best publications by CiCea members. Detailed plans will be announced in the Autumn. 

  Annual General Assembly - Barcelona, SPAIN - 2010   

Membership reaches new record levels

As reported at the AGA, the Association has achieved record membership this year - fifteen new members were recruited in Barcelona. We now have over 110 individual members, and over 40 institutional members. President-elect Julia Spinthourakis has set a target of increasing membership in all categories during her tenure. Increasing membership means more member benefits - more travel grants, more research grants.

Presidential nominations and elections - February 2010

Nominations were opened in February 2010 for presidential candidates. One candidate was put forth.  Nanny Hartsmar was confirmed by the membership and will begin her term in office on October 1, 2010 as CiCea President-elect. On October 1, 2012 she will assume the office of CiCea President when Julia Spinthourakis will complete her 2 year term as President.

The Association's Research Centres

The Association has launched eight European Research Centres. Members have the exclusive use of these Centres for individual study/research purposes, or for research group meetings. The Universities providing the Centres make meeting rooms, internet access and library facilities available, and can provide details of possible local hotels, etc. They may also facilitate access to schools and educational institutions for research purposes. For more details, go to the Activities page or directly to the relevant article.

Research Centers are to be located in Malmo, Ankara, Patras, Reims, London, Coimbra, Budapest and Olsztyn.

Newsletters 2009 - 2010

Newsletter #6 was published and distributed at the beginning of December 2009.  Newsletters #7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 were published and distributed in February, April, June, August, October and December of 2010 respectively. 

The Association's Journal

The next issues of our journal will be the first to be printed and published by the academic publishers Intellect. The issue will be launched in July 2010. Members of the Association will continue to receive the Journal, which will aslo be available commercially from Intellect. Ian Davies will continue to act as Editor.


Past News [Through Feb.2009]


The Research Competition for 2009 was opened! See the Activities page for full details.

The Executive met in Mechelen, Belgium in January 2009. Plans were made for the Journal, for the Research Competition and for the Annual General Meeting in Malmo.


The Association Executive met in Oradea, Romania in October. They made arrangements for the Company and Charity reports to be filled, with the relevant annual accounts. These will be given to Association members at the Assembly meeting in May 2009.

The Executive plan to publish the first electronic Newsletter in November 2008. This will then be published regularly through the year. The first Newletter will contain details of the next Research Grant Competition.

Arrangements were also made to ensure that the Association's administrative arrangements are put on a regular basis.

JUNE 2008

The Annual General Assembly was held in Istanbul on May 31st 2008. The Executive nominated Susana Goncalves to be Association Secretary for one year from 1st October 2008.

Meeting on May 31st in Istanbul

Meeting on May 31st 2008 in Istanbul: the Exceutive present their Annual Report.

Left to right:

Beata Kryswosz-Rynkiewick; Julia Spinthourakis (Secretary); Alistair Ross (President)[standing]; Christine Roland Levy (President-elect); Marta Fulop; Anne Marie Van den dries (Treasurer).

The Annual General Meeting was well attended. The draft minutes are published on the web site (see Meetings/Conferences).

The Meeting accepted the election results for the new executive, and agreed to he nomination of Susanna Goncalves as Secretary (for the year 2008-9, to fill the vacancy resulting from Julia Spinthourakis becoming President-elect in October).

Meeting assembly from May 31st 2008

This picture of the Assembly shows a small section of the meeting, with (right foreground) Lindsay Melling, the Association administrator, taking minutes.

MAY 2008

Executive Member Elections

Scientific and Publications Officer
Votes Cast:
Marta Fülöp 146 ELECTED
Riitta Korhonen 56  
Executive Members
Votes Cast:
Nanny Hartsmar
Riitta Korhonen
Beata Kryzywosz-Rynkiewicz
[All elected unoposed]

Research Grant Awards 2008

Three proposals were received, and after deliberation the Executive has decided to award the 2008 grant to a proposal byMaria Pagoni (University Lille III, France), Despina Karakatsani (University of Peloppenese, Greece),Richard Etienne (University of Paul Valéry Montpellier III, France),Georges Stamelos and Julia Spinthourakis (University of Patras, Greece) for a project entitled: Curricular, Pedagogical and Didactic Questions about Participative Citizenship in Secondary Schools: a comparison of two European countries.


Nominations for Executive Member posts opened in late January.

Nominations for Presidential Election

NOMINATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED (1pm Monday 7th January 2008)


Research Grants

The Assocation is to offer groups of Association members research grants to support collaborative projects. The first grant/grants will be for up to 1,500 Euros, for a group of four or more Association members (from different Institutions). Applications are due in March 2008: details on the Activites page.

Nominations for Presidential Election

Nominations open this month for the President-elect/President election. The person elected will join the Executive as President-elect next October, and become President at the end of Christine Roland-Levy's term of office (September 2010). They will be President for two years, and then past-President for two years. Nomination details on the Activites page.

JULY 2007

Web Site

Welcome to the new CiCea website, which was put together 22 - 26 June. It will replace the temporary site on the CiCe Thematic Network site. We puchased our own domain name - with the all-important .eu address.


The CiCea Executive met in Budapest on 22- 23 June 2007, and have made a series of decisions about how we will organise the next round of elections for the CiCea Executive. Full details are on the Activites page of the website, and will be sent to members by mail in the early autumn. In brief:

  • the President-elect/President/past-President election will take place first, with nominations opening in late November, and the election in January.(Following the results of this, we'll open nominations for four executive posts:)
  • a scientific and publications officer
  • three executive committee posts

Voting for these posts will be in April, with the results announced a few weeks before the Istanbul conference. These four posts will only come into effect if we are funded for a fourth CiCe Erasmus Network from October 2008. If our proposal is not funded, we shall not be able to afford this many Executive posts.

MARCH 2007

New President elect: Christine Roland Levy

There was only one candidate nominated for election as our next President. Christine Roland-Levy, of the University of Paris Descartes, is elected as President-Elect to September 2008, when she will become President of the Association for a two-year term. Following this she will continue as Past President as a member of the Executive until September 2010.


Relationship between CiCea and CiCe

The European Commission supports the CiCe Thematic Network for a fixed term to carry out particular activities agreed with the Socrates agency. To date Socrates has supported the CiCe Network for four separate periods (1998-2001; 2001-2; 2002-5; 2006-8).

The CiCe Association is independent of the European Commission, and will have an existence independent of the Commission. It will nevertheless continue to seek funding for Network activities from the Commission beyond 2008.

We are the academic association for the study of young people's citizenship education and identities, with members in most European countries.

We coordinate a European Commission Erasmus Network: click on the logo below to visit the Network site.

We publish a regular academic journal, and other publications.

Our current President, Christine Roland-Levy