New Book by Paula Cowan and Past President Henry Maitles

Holocaust Education - Paula Cowan & Henry Maitles - BOOK COVER ...... Paula Cowan is Senior Lecturer in Education, University of the West of Scotland

Henry Maitles is Professor of Education,
University of the West of Scotland

(Both Paula and Henry are long standing CiCea members and involved in the Jean Monnet network)


The book has been deemed essential reading for student teachers and recently qualified primary and secondary teachers, especially those with a specific responsibility for history, citizenship and religious education, and museum educators.

The Holocaust is a controversial and difficult teaching topic that needs to be approached sensitively and with an awareness of the complex and emotive issues involved. This book offers pragmatic pedagogical and classroom-based guidance for teachers on how to intelligently teach Holocaust education in a meaningful and age-appropriate way.

Key coverage includes:

  • Practical approaches and useful resources for teaching in schools
  • Holocaust education and citizenship
  • Holocaust remembrance as an educational opportunity
  • How to explore the topic of antisemitism in the classroom
  • International perspectives on Holocaust education


Praise for the book:

'This book makes a significant contribution to the development of education for a better world.'

- Ian Davies, Professor of Education, University of York


'This book gives a closely argued analysis of the nature of the Holocaust, and why it is so important that young people continue to study it, react to it, learn from it – it is a work of theory that critically informs our ideas of the purposes of education.'

- Alistair Ross, Jean Monnet Professor of Citizenship Education in Europe.