Research Grant Competition Guidelines

The Research Grant Competition is announced annually, in early to mid Autumn*. The grant period begins in January of the following year. The research award is intended to promote, strengthen and develop education and training for those who currently or in future will work with children and young people providing citizenship education, understanding and education to promote social identity in a European and world context. The award is available to support research for a group of at least three association members and amounts to 1500 euros. Successful applicants will be expected to have renewed and/or established their membership for the forthcoming year by the time that the award is made. We ask that you not apply until the Grant Application Period is formally announced, and a closing date is given. The following extracts from the guidance notes may be useful to those considering making an application.

  • The application must be made by a group of at least THREE Association members from different institutions. International collaboration is strongly preferred.
  • You will be asked to describe the aim of the research and its relevance in terms of citizenship.
  • In cases where the grant is planned to be used to supplement other awards and grants, then you should specify what the CiCea award will add to the overall project.
  • The Association will require a final report at the end of the project. The project proposed should be completed within 18 months. It should start in January of the year following submission of your Application (and therefore should be completed within 18 months).
  • Download a copy of the CiCea Research Grant Fund Application Regulations and Guidelines.
  • Download a (blank) copy of the CiCea Research Grant Application Form.
You must follow the guidelines and regulations laid out in the CiCea Research Grant Application Regulations and Guidelines document, linked above, to be eligible for the Grant.
Examples of past Final Reports can be found here:

 * Research Grants Competitions Announcements are made on the CiCea Facebook page, our social media platforms and in article format on the CiCea Website.